The Easy Guide Bread Making Equipment List

A bread making equipment listThis is a home bread making equipment list that is designed as an easy guide and lists the equipment needed for making bread.  Sometimes you can substitute items you already have rather than having to buy new. Also, different types of bread will require slightly different equipment.

Also if you have a breadmaker machine you can eliminate many of the steps and therefore the equipment needed for those steps.

What equipment you need to make bread is generally basic.  However, there will be changes depending on what type of bread you use and what method of cooking and preparation you use.  For example, if you are cooking in a bread maker or oven or if you are cooking a loaf, rolls or a loaf in a tin.

There are also options on what materials you use for each item of equipment depending on your preferences so this list is very adaptable to your needs.

The Home Bread Making Equipment List

Use an Oven or Breadmaker

Use an Oven

Any standard electric, gas oven, fan oven, Rayburn, Aga etc will work fine.  You may need to alter the temperatures depending on which type you use.

Or alternatively get a breadmaker

A breadmaker is quick an easy to use and eliminates some of the processes and equipment needed in breadmaking.

A Sharp Knife

You may need a sharp knife to cut your dough into size or to score it.

Scales for Weighing Ingredients

You will need scales for weighing out your ingredients.

Measuring Spoons or Cups

You will need measuring spoons for accuracy. However, if you do not have these you can use a tablespoon and a teaspoon.

A Kneading board

Unless you are using a breadmaker or table top mixer, you will need somewhere really clean to knead your bread like a kneading board or lightly floured surface.

A Wooden Spoon for Mixing

You can use a wooden spoon for mixing the mixture into a dough or you can use your fingers.

An Alternative Way to Mix Your Dough is A Tabletop Mixer With a Dough Hook

You can also mix the dough in a table top mixer/food processor with a dough hook if you don’t want to do it by hand.

A Large Bowl or Two

You need a large bowl to mix your dough in and another put your bread in while it is rising.

Dough Scraper

You can use a scraper to get the dough out of your bowls or off of your surfaces. They are not very expensive to buy.

Cling Film or Tea Towel

You will need to cover your dough to let it rise.  Some people prefer cling film, while others use a clean tea towel.

A Loaf Tin or Tray for Cooking Your Bread

If you want a loaf rectangular shaped bread you need a loaf tin.  If you are doing rolls or an unusual shaped or round bread you will need a tray.

Loaf tins come in steel, aluminium, glass, enamel, ceramic, terracotta and silicone.

A Wire Rack for Cooling

You need a wire rack to place the cooked bread on to cool down quickly and easily as it allows the air to circulate around your bread.  You need the rack rather than a solid surface to prevent seating and allow the bread to cool properly.

A Fridge or freezer (Optional)

Some styles of bread-making require you to leave your bread in the fridge overnight although many do not.  You may also want to freeze your bread once it has cooled.

An Airtight Container for Storage

If you do not want to freeze your bread then you will need an airtight container for storage once it has cooled down.

Measuring Jug

You can measure your ingredients by volume or by mass. The video explains why right at the end.  It is very good reasoning, however, I admit I do not put all my water in at once and go by the consistency of my mixture.

Video Overview of All the Equipment Needed


This is a great video I found on Youtube with a good overview of all the equipment needed.

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