Cup Measurements Converters

The use of Cup Measurements in Books and How to Use Them

For those of us in the UK the use of the cup measurements can cause confusion.  Many of the cookery books especially the Kindle type ones seem written for an American audience and so uses the US names for things and also the cup measuring system.  Yipes, I can feel my brain shutting down already.  Cups mean absolutely nothing to most of us here in the UK.  Worse still, a cup is no a static measurement and varies depending on the ingredient.

However, most of the ingredients are 1/2 a lime or 1/4 a pear for example.  The cups come into play when you are measuring either water or things like broccoli or kale.

My sister has already gotten over this hurdle by buying some US cup measures. They are not expensive you can get them on Amazon or at your local Kitchen store.   If you don’t want to do that you can easily use a conversion chart or program.  I have included a couple here for info.

Conversion calculator a general conversion calculator for US to UK weights and measures
Conversion Chart a chart
A cups to grammes converter

Unfortunately, this is often the case with many on-line recipe books from Amazon and other places.  If you don’t want to convert it limits your choices, but if conversion is an issue then some of these books might not be for you.

Warning:  The charts and weights converters vary quite considerably to what they say the US  to UK equivalent is.