How to Use Heart Chocolate Moulds to Make Chocolates for Gifts

How to Use Heart Chocolate Moulds to Make Heart ChocolatesThere is nothing quite like biting into a chocolate that you have made yourself,  and heart chocolate moulds are perfect for making beautiful tasty chocolates for you and loved ones to enjoy.

They are perfect for Valentines or mothers day or even birthdays or as wedding favours.

They are easy to use and ideal for both beginners to chocolate making and pros alike.  You can make some fantastic chocolates using moulds.

Below a couple of videos have also been included to show the simple process of using moulds to make heart chocolates. You can use them to make simple chocolates or get creative with using different designs and fillings.

Heart  Chocolate Moulds for Making Chocolate

The satisfaction of knowing that you mixed the flavours or added the centres and seeing those chocolates lined up on the table awaiting tasting.  That makes them extra special. Also, you are not limited to the shop chocolates and flavoured fillings. There is nothing stopping you from just filling the moulds with melted chocolate however for a bit of effort you can make truly quality chocolates.

If you give them as a gift your loved ones will know that you put extra effort into making them.

Which are the Best Heart Chocolate Moulds?

There are lots of heart chocolate moulds to choose from.  They come in various sizes and different materials.  You can choose from silicone which is very popular and can often also be used for other things and ice cubes as well. or you can buy food grade plastic/Polycarbonate moulds which tend to be more professional.

Heart Chocolate Moulds












Find popular heart chocolate moulds here

What to Look for when Deciding on Buying Your Silicone Moulds

Silicone moulds are great as they are easy to use, you can bend them and so your chocolates pop out easily.  They should be made from non-toxic materials that are food grade. Easy to stack if you have more than one.

Why are Polycarbonate Professional Chocolatier Heart Moulds the Best

With these polycarbonate moulds, you get a high-quality professional finish to your chocolates. The moulds are really tough and give you more detailed results than other mould materials.  They are easy to use and once your chocolates have set all you have to do is to tap the mould to release the chocolates.

Plastic Moulds Simple and Easy to Use

These should be made of food grade plastic for safety and also be reusable.  They are firmer than the silicone and give good results although they are not so popular, at least on Amazon.

How to Make Filled Chocolates Using a Chocolate Mould Video

Note:  Please note the title of the video itself feels slightly wrong as it is more about how to make the chocolates than the mould itself. However, it is a good demonstration of how to easily make your own chocolates using moulds.

Watch the video from Howcast for a complete example of how to make your heart chocolates.  Below is a quick overview of the steps for your convenience.

  1. Clean your Chocolate moulds well
  2. Melt your chocolate
  3. Pour into your moulds making sure you fill everything well
  4. Tap the mould with the side of you hand
  5. Tip out the remaining chocolate back into your bowl
  6. Scrape the top of your moulds with your bench scraper to remove the excess chocolate
  7. Then pop into the fridge

  1. Once your chocolates are chilled and set you can remove them from the fridge ready for stage 2
  2. Now you pick and buy or make your filling and using a piping bag fill your moulds to about 3/4 full
  3. Tap your chocolates on the table
  4. Now fill the remainder with your melted chocolate to enclose the filling
  5. Again scrape off any excess chocolate
  6. Return your chocolates to the fridge again for approx 10 minutes until they are firm.
  7. Remove your finished chocolates from the mould
  8. Now eat them – oops I mean pack them as gifts!

Silicone Heart Mould

heart shaped chcoolate moulds

FamilyMall(TM) Heart-shape Silicone Ice Chocolate Cake Jelly Candy Mould Mini Tray Pan Cube (Heart-shape)
This popular silicone heart mould makes beautiful chocolates that are smooth and shiny and look really professional. They are easy to clean.  You can also use them for ice cubes and mini jellies as well.

In Conclusion

You can get good results from the silicon moulds.  I have used silicone to make chocolates and they work fine and they are not as expensive as the polycarbonate ones to buy.  The polycarbonate moulds are firmer and give a more professional finish and this is reflected in their price.

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