Why is Halogen Oven Fear Real? How to Overcome It

The Sad Plight of the Halogen Oven

Why is Halogen Oven Fear Real? How to Overcome ItNow you have your halogen oven. Oh, my Goodness, what do you do?

It sits there on the self all shiny and new.  Untouched, unused.  You tell your friends about your new oven. You read your leaflet.

Weeks go by, more than a few.

The oven sits there, alone, shine dulled, empty.

Then one day it is put away into the depths of a dark cupboard.


The above may sound funny but it happens quite a lot.

There is a tendency for people to go out and get an Oven and then to pop it on the side never to be used, or use it only once.  Then it goes away forgotten into a dark cupboard.

This is a great shame as these are fantastic little ovens that can save you time, effort and money and turn out fantastic meals and other baking.

Knowing this, when I first got mine the first thing I did was go out and get something to try out.  It feels silly but I could feel the nerves kicking in.

Once I’d broken the ice I made a point of using it a few times.  Then I was fine.

When my sister got hers she hadn’t used it for a few days even though she had bought a chicken especially.  I warned her to put something in it to cook.  She did then she was fine.

Halogen OVEN Fear.  DON’T let this be YOU!!

It would be such a waste.

My sister and I discussed this and we came up with a couple of possible reasons why.  Firstly, people may not fully understand the type of cooking it is and they think they can slow cook or think it is a 5 in one air fryer.

tasty grilled foodSecondly, and most likely is that people get an oven then they get “oven fear”.  They don’t quite know how to use the oven or what to do with it and then they panic.

The TV programme my sister watched recommended popping a whole chicken into the oven first (after washing out the oven) to try it out.

I nearly fainted when my sister said she was going to do this.  The best I managed was a quick trip to the Co-op and a hard based mini pizza!

Then I stood there and watched it cook!

The best Halogen oven tip is:

You need to use your oven as soon as possible and then use it a few more times to get into the swing of things.  Otherwise, you have wasted your money.

I was going to say start off easy, but my sisters chicken and veg all came out fine so it is really a matter of how confident you feel.

This video gives a demo of how easy it is to cook a roast chicken in your new oven and where you might go wrong.  Not only is it easier but also faster as well.

The lady in the video says she cannot cook her potatoes at the same time.  I know my sister managed to though.  And all her veg as well (cooking for 3 people)


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