A Carousel Spice Rack With Spices Included Review

Which Carousel Spice Rack With Spices Is Best?

The Cole & Mason Hudson Carousel Herb and Spice Rack is Both Elegant and Practical

filled spice rack cole and mason
Taking spice racks to a whole new level

Cole and Mason have combined some really great qualities in their spice rack. Not only is it very elegant beautifully styled glass and polished chrome lids, but it is well designed with practicality in mind.  Each of the jars are pre labelled.  They are also easy to remove and put back on the rack.  And the rack revolves so your herbs and spices are easy to get to.

There is good control of the speed of the spices are released when using as they have included features that allow you to either shake or pour the spices from the container.  Once you are done you simply seal the lid to keep the contents fresh and stop them clogging inside of the jar.

These racks some in several sizes, so if you only want 8 spices you can buy the smaller rack or if you prefer 20 spices you can get the bigger one.

On the Down Side

Because the jars are printed you could not say have a mixed spice or a curry or use a jar for something else if you did not like a particular herb or spice.  they do, however cover most of the most popular spices used.  You could put a label over the printing to solve this issue if you wanted to.

Size of the Rack

The rack is about 30 cm high and 22 cm across so it doesn’t take up too much room in your kitchen.  You cannot bend the handle to reduce the size though so make sure there is enough height for where you intend to place it.

The Herbs Supplied

The 8 jar Carousel is the Smallest and Contains

basil, coriander, fennel, marjoram, oregano, parsley, chilli flakes, and thyme.

10 Jars Content

The 10 jars contain the same as the 8 jar plus, mint and cinnamon.

(No chilli flakes)

16 Jars of Herbs and Spices

The contents of the 8 Jar Carousel and then bay leaves, cinnamon, mint, caraway, chilli flakes, cumin, dill, paprika and rosemary.

The Largest is 20 Jars of Spices

In addition to the 16 herbs/spices in the 16 sized jar you also get the following:

Celery, Italian Seasoning, Mustard Seed and Savoury

In Conclusion

This is an elegant and practical solution to keeping spices on the kitchen counter.  Although, at first glance this set seems on the expensive side.  It isn’t that expensive when you break the price down to individual spices.  You can easily pay up to a couple of pounds for a good spice anyway.


Premier Housewares 2 Tier Spice Rack with 16 Schwartz Spices


Although at first glance this rack is not as elegant as the previous one, it is hugely popular.   Perhaps due to the fact it holds 16 Schwartz new and sealed herbs and spices so when you replace the spice you don’t have to do any container swapping which makes if fast and easy to replace.  Also, if you were to buy the spices separately they would cost easily around £32 anyway.

Is it Value for for Money?

This rack is great value for money at about £29 at the time of writing which means in effect that the rack is basically Free.
practicality and ease of use

It is very practical and easy to use with a swivel base so you can get to what you want easily.

The Overall Size of the Carousel

The size is about 18 x 18 x 26″ however it is a good idea to allow about 32″ in height for the handle.
Again this rack does not take up a huge amount of space and is very budget friendly.

The herbs and spices you get may vary from this however these are some of what to expect.  There is only the one sized of 16 jars.

Herbs and Spices Supplied

The 16 supplied include:  Curry powder (medium), Basil, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Oregano, Coriander, ground Thyme, some Mixed herbs and mixed spices, Paprika, mild Chilli powder, Parsley, Chives, Turmeric, Marjoram and ground Cumin

This is a very good range that suit most needs.  If, however you need a different one then they would be easy to replace.  A note however, there are 8 of green tops and 8 of orange tops for unity os if you replace on keep this in mind.

On The Downside

Unfortunately, as it is meant for Schwartz products you can only fit their jars onto the rack.

The Jar Sizes & Information

The amounts held vary quite considerably due to the varying weights of the contents, however the jars are the standard  Schwartz sized jars.

There is a note enclosed with the jars so you know how best to use each herb or spice which is really handy.  Also, there is a really good best before date.

In Conclusion

A great value practical solution kitchen storage rack with a good selection of contents that allows you to add your own items later and you don’t need to label them as the names are already on the jars.



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