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Discover The Best Counter Top Ice Maker Machine For You

Discover The Best Counter Top Ice Maker Machine For You

Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine UKWhen deciding on which is the best countertop ice maker machine for your own personal needs it is important to consider what the machine is capable of, if it is right for you and fits your own personal needs.
Below is an overview of each machine plus the criteria that each machine is rated on.  Also, links to more in-depth reviews.

What is worth considering before you buy your machine is how you are going to use it and where.  Will you want to be able to move your machine for a BBQ or a caravaning trip for example?

Things that are discussed and rated are

  • Ease of Use
  • Cleaning of the machine
  • Ice options
  • Noise levels
  • Overall Rating

And also the Machine Dimensions

  • The machines overall size
  • The machine’s weight
  • The quantity of ice produced, speed and overall time

Compare 5 of the Best Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machines

The Best Counter Top Ice Maker Machines
Item The Slimline Andrew James Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine Polar Manual Fill Counter Top Ice Maker New Model Think Gizmos Ice Maker Machine VonShef Electrical Compact Counter Top Ice Machine Capital Eros Counter Top     Mini Ice Maker
The Polar Manual Fill Counter Top Ice Maker Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine UK The VonShef Electrical Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine Capital Eros IM12W - Compact Counter Top</td>
<td > Mini Ice Maker
Star Rating ♥♥♥♥   ♥♥♥♥  ♥♥♥♥♥  ♥♥♥♥♥  ♥♥♥♥♥  
Ice Speed 20 mins 10 mins 10-15mins 10 mins after 1st cycle Varies
Ice 24 hours 15Kg 10Kg 12-15Kg 12Kg 12kg
Max. Ice Storage Yes 1Kg Large 0.8Kg 1Kg
Water Capacity 2.4L 2.0L Not Stated 2.2L 2.8L
Ice Full Alert Auto Auto Shut off Yes Yes Yes
Ice Cubes Sizes 2 3 3 3 3
Quiet Running Normal Normal Very Low Normal  Low
Colour Silver Black Silver Silver  White
See the Ice Makers AndrewJames The Polar Gizmos VonShef Capital
Or See Our In-Depth Reviews   Andrew James Review    Gizmos Review

How Noisy is the Machine When it is Running?

The VonShef Electrical Compact Counter Top Ice Maker MachineIf low noise is important to you then the overall noise of the machine will be important.  The noise of each ice maker is reviewed against both the manufacturer’s statements and also the customer comments. Although, sometimes what one person thinks is noisy another will think is quiet depending upon their own ideas or experience.  With these kinds of ice making machines, there is a certain amount of noise due to the ice dropping into the basket as well as the machine noise.  This can be every 10 minutes with the faster machines so it is worth considering. The Think Gizmos is classed as the lowest noise levels.

Is Plumbing Required?

It is much easier if you don’t need to plumb your ice maker machine into anything.  The machines reviewed here are all plumbing free for ease of use and portability.  They are great for BBQs, caravans and for any counter top big enough to stand them.  Also if you want to you can take your compact ice makers with you when you travel in the caravan/mobile home.

Is there a bucket to lift out the Ice?

Buckets are important as not all of the machines keep the ice cubes frozen for long periods of time.  It is, therefore, an advantage to  be able to remove the cubes easily and pop them into the freezer for longer term storage.

What is the Water Capacity?

Most buckets hold about 2 litres of water.  See chart for individual quantities.

All About Ice. Making Ice, Speed and Options

What Types of Ice is Produced and How Fast?

These ice maker machines make small bullet/bell shaped cubes with holes.  These are not clear.  Each machine makes different sizes at different speeds.  These range from 10 minutes per small batch and a total amount over a 24 hour period.  The Think Gizmos and the Andrew James produce the most ice in 24 hours.

What are the Ice Options?

Different Machines will have different ice options.  Most will have 2 options, small and large ice cubes.  While some will have a third option of medium sized ice as well.

How Easy is The Machine to Use and Cleaning?

Capital Eros IM12W - Compact Counter Top, Mini Ice MakerEase of use is important.  All the small details can make a difference.  How easy is it to get the ice out of the bucket, how easy it is to drain away any water and to clean and dry your ice making machine?  If it is on a counter top then you won’t want to be moving it every five minutes just to clean it.  So cleaning in situ is important.

Tip: No matter which machine you pick it is a good idea to clean your machine before use by producing some ice cubes then throwing them away to get rid of any odd taste from a new machine.

Use Online Reviews To Your Advantage

It is always worth checking out the online reviews made by several people who have bought and had experience of your chosen machine.  Here we aim to cover as much detail as possible for each machine for you to compare.

However, checking out both the positive and negative reviews and why they are made can help with final decisions on which is the best ice maker machine for your own personal needs.  You may pick up on something which is personal to you and sways you one way or the other towards a particular model.  You can check out the low and high star ratings and the best ice makers here.