How to Cook Sausages in a Halogen Oven

How to Cook Sausages in a Halogen OvenCooking your sausages in your halogen is really easy. It doesn’t matter whether they are fresh or frozen meat or vegetarian the method is nearly the same.

Knowing how to cook sausages in a halogen oven makes cooking quicker and easier and opens up a whole new possibility for quick and easy meals.


There are however some things to think about that will make the final result quicker and easier for you and make cleaning up less messy as well.


Whatever type of sausages you want to cook the Halogen works well for cooking them and with a little practice you should turn out tasty sausages every time.


How to Cook Sausages in a Halogen Oven For Quickness & Ease


The main things to look out for when cooking sausages in your halogen are that they are cooked right the way through. Becuase you can cook the sausages quickly with a high temperature it is easy to cook the outside before the inside is done.


Although my mum didn’t cook them in a halogen (I don’t even know if there were halogens back then, Nope they weren’t about until after 1995) she was super fussy about making them brown all the way around to make sure they were cooked. I think that has rubbed off. Even though you don’t need to constantly turn them as the halogen has all round heat I do. Really all you need to do is to turn the once.


Method for Cooking Sausages in Your Halogen from Fresh



  • Tongs
  • plate


  1. If your sausages need to be pricked, prick them before putting in the oven. It should say on your packet if they do
  2. Place the sausages on the upper rack of your oven
  3. Set your oven temperature to 175C (347F) and start
  4. The cooking time depends on the size and thickness of your sausages. I’m a big fan of Cumberland Sausages which are quite tubby. They take about 20-25 minutes 
  5. Turn at least once to make sure they brown both sides. ( I Like to turn so that they are all brown it depends on your preferences)


Stop Fat in the Base

Sausages are a pain for dripping fat, even the Cumberland ones but the cheaper they are the worse they are. If you don’t want a murky icky mess in the bottom of your halogen put a heat proof container to catch the drips, or silver foil (but anchor it down with the legs of the rack so it doesn’t float)



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Cooking From Shop Frozen Sausages


To cook your pre-frozen shop bought sausages is virtually identical to the method of cooking from fresh, just check the pack for heat and times and use the fan setting for 175C/347F.


To Cook Fresh Sausages That You Have Frozen at Home


Yes, you’ve forgotten to get the sausages out of the freezer again! Sigh. So out with the Halogen for an easy solution.


You could probably get away with cooking them as from shop frozen. However, I like to be sure that the middles are cooked properly. Like I say I think mums caution has rubbed off on me.


So for home frozen sausages, I cook in the Halogen on a lower heat for about 10 minutes (about 150C/302F) to give them chance to start to thaw without cooking the outer layers. I then put the temperature up to 175C/347F for about 10 minutes then up again 180C/356 for the remainder. I do this because I am not happy with cooking the meat at a lower temperature for safety reasons.


This is my method and it works for me, however, I’d adjust it to what works for you.





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