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How to Make Cheese on Toast to Perfection

How to Make Cheese on Toast to Perfection

How to Make Cheese on Toast Cheese on toast has to be the perfect meal. It is quick and easy to cook, very filling and very economical. There are lots of ways you can make it more interesting and it is very versatile.

Whether you make it using a grill or on the hob or even in the microwave knowing how to make cheese on toast will give you lots of options for a tasty meal or cheese toastie.

Sometimes its just one of those things you got to have.

Below there are several popular methods of making it.

How to Make Cheese on Toast at Home

Under the Grill

I remember mum making cheese on toast under the grill. It was simple enough to make, you simply popped on some toast, partly cooked it then pulled out the grill and added the cheese and let it melt.  A quick and easy tea.

How to Make Cheese on Toast Without a Grill

The Option to Avoid

I had to include this as I found myself with a toaster and no grill at one point. Someone suggested turning the toaster on to its side, but I am not a fan of that idea as it is a safety issue. Not only that the slots would crimp the cheese and make an awful mess (or at least they would with my toaster).

Well, I have seen articles online that say you can do just that.  I have also seen an article from the London Fire brigade that says you shouldn’t as it causes firesSo that is clearly out, I would advise against using your toaster in this way as it isn’t meant to be used like that.  Besides, there are lots of other and much safer and easier options anyway.

Much Better Grill Free Options

These include making it in the microwave or the frying pan on the hob or in a halogen oven if you have one. So there are lots of options if you find yourself without a grill that doesn’t involve burning the house down.

How to Make Cheese on Toast In a Frying Pan on the Hob

This is a popular and easy method. You can make cheese on toast or a toastie this way. I have to confess I tend not to use butter or marg, but that is a personal preference as most people would.

You will need a flat based frying pan or skillet. Ideally, you should also have a lid. And a cheese grater.

  1. Slice your bread thinly and evenly or use pre-sliced bread
  2. Thinly cover one side of the bread with an even layer of butter or margarine
  3. Place butter side down into your dry unoiled pan and place on the hob on a medium heat
  4. Grate your cheese using a large holed grater
  5. Once the toast is cooked on the one side butter the other side and turn it over (some people prefer to leave the other side unbuttered)
  6. Place your cheese on the cooked side of the toast and cover the pan
  7. Allow the cheese to melt

Note: If you want a cheese toastie simply cook two slices of toast in this way and when you add your cheese pop the other slice on the top toasted side up.

Tip: the reason you grate the cheese is that it helps it to melt more quickly and more evenly. If you don’t have a grater buy pre-grated cheese or slice very thinly.

How to Make Cheese on Toast in the Microwave

Using a microwave wouldn’t be my first thought when it comes to cheese on toast or even just toast for that matter. However, it is possible to do it although not ideal. There are a lot better ways. Microwaves are not designed to do this really. Personally, I think it is all a bit of a pain to do unless you have a grilling and browning function on your microwave.

There are several ways you can use your microwave to make cheese on toast.

  1. Make the toast in a toaster and the cheese in the microwave
  2. If you have a combi/grilling and browning microwave you can easily make it in the microwave
  3. Make the toast and the cheese in the microwave separately

The problem you have with a microwave is it doesn’t make your toast brown. It is a different type of heat than you need for toast and it just dries it out. You may have experienced this if you have ever defrosted bread and overdone it.

There are ways around it. You need to raise the bread up off of the plate it is on. You can do this by using a Susceptor.

  1. Toast your bread in a toaster
  2. Put grated cheese on the toast
  3. Place your toast and cheese in the microwave rased off the plate
  4. Microwave on high for 10-20 seconds depending on microwave. Do not leave and keep an eye on it.

How to Make Cheese on Toast More Interesting

Once you have mastered the basics you can make changes to make it more interesting by adding sauce or other ingredients or swapping the cheese.

7 Quick Tips for Adding Interest to Your Cheese on Toast

  1. Use goats cheese
  2. Use more than one cheese
  3. Add Worchester sauce
  4. Add mustard and ham
  5. Use pickle on the side
  6. Use garlic butter rather than just butter
  7. Add onions

What Is Your View?

Which way do you think would work best for you. I’d love to hear your best methods or those that you don’t like. Do you have any ingredient preferences? Please comment below if you do.