What Are the 4 Different Types of Frying? Which is Best?

What Are the 4 Different Types of Frying? Which is Best?Of the 4 different types of frying methods which is the best one to use?  Some types use a lot of fat or oil while others use virtually none. Each method brings with it both advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and lifestyle. In some cases none at all!

The different kinds of cooking include low fat or air frying, deep or  modern deep fat.  Here we briefly describe each method with some advantages and disadvantages.



1. Use the Deep-fat Frying with a Pan for Traditional Cooking and also Some Chinese Cooking

chip pan with basket for fryingDeep fat frying is the traditional method of frying using a deep pan and often a basket.  Usually,  in a hot oil or hard fat (Lard) using is used in this type of frying. This method was popular for cooking fish and chips at home in the UK and is also used for some Chinese cooking methods.  It is also used in fish and chip shops and fast food shops.

According to Wikipedia this method of cooking goes back to the Egyptians and was used all over Europe and Arabia.  It was also used in other parts of the world.

With the trends towards “healthier eating” and an increase in obesity, many people sought other methods to fry their chips (fries) that reduced the amount of fat used. For 20 years or more, we have been told that this kind of cooking is bad for us not only due to large volumes of fat seeping into the food but also due to unhealthy free radicals.

We grew up with this method of cooking using a pan, a basket and lard.  Not one of our family were overweight. We led more active lives and did not have this every day. Ironically since going over to the healthy eating weight is more of an issue.  Of course, there is the invisible fat that is said to creep around the organs that cannot be taken into account here.  This is an ongoing argument with various experts all saying different things.

Advantages of this Method of Cooking

  • Really tasty crispy chips and other fried food.
  • Easy to do and economical to outlay for the pan compared to the other methods.
  • You can use lard.

Disadvantages of this Method of Cooking

  • The fat is loose in the pan and can spit, be knocked over or easily burn you.
  • Lard is expensive.
  • You need a lot of lard or oil.
  • Considered by many not to be a healthy way to cook(although this can be disputed).

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2. Use the Deep Fat Frying with a Deep Fat Fryer Method for Easier Frying

deep fat fryersDeep fat fryers are the modern equivalent of the pan and basket method above.  This is an easier way to deep fry as you have more control over timings and quantities and heat.  It is also safer as the fat is contained.

Advantages of this Method of Cooking

  • Can cook perfect and very tasty fish and chips and other frying food items.
  • Tastes as good as normal fish and chips.
  • Safer to use than the pan and basket method of cooking.
  • Much easier to control.
  • Easy to use.

Disadvantages of this Method of Cooking

  • Still uses a reasonable amount of oil.
  • Takes up room on the sides.

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3. Use the Low-fat Frying Method to Reduce but Not Eliminate Oil When Cooking

low fat fryers with oilLow-fat fryers use only a tiny amount of oil to cook.  Often as little as 1/2 a tablespoon or one tablespoon of oil for a whole kilo of chips. Often this method of cooking can use no oil as well if you are cooking oven chips for example.

Advantages of this Method of Cooking

  • These are great to use if you are dieting or watching your fat intake (although some fats are essential for health).
  • The use is far more economical than the traditional method as you need very little oil.
  • Using so little oil removes the issues of the free radicals and gives you more control over your fat intake.
  • They are easier to clean too.

Disadvantages of this Method of Cooking

  • The low fat fryers need a lot of worktop space.
  • The taste of the fried food is altered due to the reduction of fat. Some fat/ oil is still required for many things.

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4. Use the Air Frying Method for up to 80% less Fat in Your Food

air fryers for low fat/oil free cookingAir frying is done with a fryer that cooks by circulating hot air rather than large amounts of fats or oil.  Some air fryers do use small amounts of oil while others use none. No oil frying is almost a contraction in terms.  Frying by its nature takes oils or fats.  Yet with modern technology it is not only possible it is easy.

Advantages of this Method of Cooking

  • No oil is needed at all (check model as some do use oil).  As the title infers the food is air fried.
  • Perfect to use if you are on a Slimming World diet wit Syns.
  • Perfectly cooked even chips and other fried foods.
  • More efficient.

Disadvantages of this Method of Cooking

  • The taste is not the same as fried.
  • Although they are said to be air fryers some do in fact use a tiny amount of oil.  Just double check to be sure you are happy with if it does/doesn’t use oil.

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So Which Type of Fryer is the Best for You and Your Family?

This is a hard area to advise on because it is down to more than just the quality of the item and how it works.  Fat, the types of and how to use them have so many conflicting opinions from experts, nutritionists, scientists and just our own views.  For years we have been told that fat is bad.  Most people seem to think that means all fat.  But in fact, we all need fat to survive.  Now we are being told what we have been advised on is all wrong and we should eat some! Really!?

So where does that leave the recommendations?  It is really about what appeals to you and your lifestyle choices and cooking preferences.

Some Things you might want to ask yourself:

  1. Do I need to cut my fat down?
  2. Do I need to control my fat intake?
  3. What method of cooking do I prefer?
  4. Do I prefer the more traditional or modern way of cooking
  5. How well do I get on with technology?
  6. Do I like the taste of the air fried or low fat cooked food?
  7. Do I want to outlay for the more expensive machine?  Is it worth it?
  8. What is the most economical way to cook?
  9. What is the most environmentally friendly way to cook?





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