A Quick Guide to Popular Jam Thermometers

popular jam thermometers

Our quick guide helps you to pick the right jam thermometer so that you can make better jams, easily see when your jam has reached it’s setting temperature and prevent your jams from burning.

Below is a variety of different kinds of thermometers all with different advantages and disadvantages pointed out to make your choice easier.

These are the most popular and are quick and easy to read stainless steel thermometers that are also fairly accurate. Some are more jam specific while others can also be used for meat or confectionary as well.



A Digital Thermometer for Jams and Confectionary, Great for Fast Readings

digital jam making thermometer

The great thing about the digital jam thermometer is the stainless steel probes is very versatile and can be used for all kinds of cooking from meat to jams.

This one has a temperature range from  -50 ‘C and 300 ‘C or (58 ‘F to 572 ‘F) and you can easily change from one reading to the other.

It is clear and easy to read as well.

Advantages of a Digital Thermometer

  • The Speed
  • Its Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Great value for money
  • It has a variety of uses, like sugar work, jams, confectionery and meats

Disadvantages of a Digital Thermometer

  • It needs a battery
  • The reading can be slower than you would expect sometimes

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The Traditional Kilner Jam Thermometer for Quality & Reliability

In the UK Kilner is the traditional jam makers choice.  With a history in preserving equipment that goes back 150 years when you buy Kilner, you expect tradition and quality.  They do not disappoint.  This thermometer is perfect for making great jams well.  As you would expect from this company it is a quality thermometer that is well designed and easy to read.

Traditional Kilner Jam Thermometer

Advantages of the Kilner

  • Clips onto the side of your preserving pan
  • The thermometer is easy to read clear display
  • It is well made and reliable
  • It has a lid lifter
  • It can also be used for meat and other cooking needs

Disadvantages of the Kilner Thermometer

  • The probe is short  so you need either a proper maslin pan or a small saucepan to prevent burning hands
  • It has a slower reading than digital displays

Kilner Cooks Thermometer with Lid Lifter, Silver

The Thermospatula For Easy Stirring and Temperature Readings

This is a great idea, combining the probe and the spatula in one thing saves time and makes life easy, especially for jam making where you need to both stir and check on the heat at the same time sometimes.

Thermospatula Thermometer and Stirrer

Advantages of the Thermospatula 2 in 1

  • Spatula included for easy stirring
  • Stops thermometer from hitting the bottom of the pan
  • Designed for recipes needed specific temperatures
  • The temperature is very precise
  • Can remove the thermometer and separate if from the spatula

Disadvantages of the Thermospatula

  • It requires batteries (included)
  • The temperature reader is slow to respond
  • Thermometer on its own is top heavy
  • Cannot leave in the bowl

Lakeland Thermospatula Thermometer & Stirrer -Perfect for Chocolate & Jam Making

The Tala Thermometer for Jam and Confectionary Making

Tala Jam Sugar Confectionery Thermometer

A great little thermometer made of stainless steel and with a good temperature range of 40C to 200c so it is great for not only jams but other things as well.  What is great about the Tala is it has the marking on the thermometer which makes reading easy as you don’t need to know the heat you need.

Advantages of the Tala

  • Good heat range
  • Markers on the thermometer
  • Ideal for other things besides jam making like confectionery
  • Ideal for smaller quantities of jam

The Disadvantages of the Tala

  • It is no good for chocolate tempering
  • It is no good for candy

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The Andrew James Premium Jam and Sugar Cooking Thermometer

With a temperature range of between 20ºC and  220ºC the Andrew James is ideal for jams but also other types of cooking as well.  It is simple to use.  Easy to Andrew James Premium Jam & Sugar Cooking Thermometerclean and does not need rubbing (which may be why some people have found the numbers rub off).

The Andre James Advantages

  • Good temperature range
  • ideal for other types fo cooking as well as jams
  • Includes a clip for those that like to clip to the edges of their saucepans or maslin pans
  • Markings for both jams and confectionery

And Disadvantages

  • Some people have found the markings come off after time
  • This is not as accurate as some makes

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6 Quick Questions to Ask Before Deciding Which Is the Best Choice for You

  1. What pans am I using and will this thermometer work with them?
  2. Do I want it for other uses besides jam making?
  3. Do I want some speed?
  4. Do I want to clip the thermometer to the edge of the pan?
  5. Do I prefer modern or traditional preserving equipment?
  6. Which of these designs suit me the best and why?  If not what combination would work for me?


5 Tips on How to Use a Jam Thermometer and Get the Best From It

  1. Make sure your probe is clean to maintain accurate readings
  2. Give the reading chance to read correctly
  3.  Make sure you do not touch the bottom of the pan with the probe as it gives false readings
  4. To keep your numbers on some makes do not rub to clean
  5. Know the setting point of your jam  usually 105c (220F)