Everyday Halogen Oven Cookbooks for Easy Tasty Meals and Deserts

everyday halogen oven cook booksSo you have your lovely shiny new oven, now what do you cook with it? There are some great halogen oven cookbooks with tasty meals, vegetarian food and desserts.

There is a huge variety of things you can cook with everything from snacks, meals, and baking.

I have touched on people’s anxieties over using their new ovens in another post.  It is vital you start using your oven straight away.  This gets you over this hurdle.

The ovens usually come with a small recipe book so you should have some recipes to get you started.  However, most people do not find these anywhere near enough.

Then it really comes down to personal cooking preference, meal types if you like baking and the size of your family.

However, most people do not find these anywhere near enough.  Then it really comes down to personal cooking preference, meal types if you like baking and the size of your family.

Then it really comes down to personal cooking preference, meal types if you like baking and the size of your family. Below are several great halogen oven cookbooks you can buy on Amazon.

Three Great Cook Books To Create Easy, Tasty Meals

200 Tasty Halogen Recipes in Colour


200 halogen oven recipes cook bookThis book is a good all-rounder with 200 recipes especially made for the halogen oven.  There is bound to be something you like in it.  It is also a very good price for either Kindle or paperback.

200 Halogen Oven Recipes: The All Colour Cookbook

It is a very good book to get started with lots of recipes covering seafood, meat, and poultry.  It also has some vegetarian meals and pizzas and even some home baking like cakes, bread and even deserts etc.

What I like about it is there are detailed instructions with good photos.

It also lets you know when it is better to use the hob rather than the halogen.

It is not over a fussy type of cooking either so is suitable for everyday use and beginners as well as the more experienced cook.

The Cookbook for Everyday Use

halogen oven cook book

This is a great book and gives you everything that you need to use your Halogen oven with confidence.

Like normal ovens Halogens have two racks to cook on; a high rack and a low one.  The temperature and cooking times can vary quite dramatically between the two.
The Everyday Halogen Oven Cookbook: Easy and Quick, Recipes that are Nutritious For All The Family

Also, if you are not using your extender ring the food at the top is quite close and can burn if on too high a heat.  This book tells you which rings to use which is a huge help in turning out perfect meals.

This book covers everything you need to know including how to defrost, the equipment you will need,  all about the use of tin foil.

The only downside is that there are no photos of the meals.

However, with the amount of information in the book it is worth getting as the cost has been kept down by not including them.

Cooking Made Easy, Is Music to My Ears

halogen cooking made easyThere were several things that drew me to this book.  Firstly the title, I love things that are made simple and easy to do and are easy to understand.

That it is really specifically for the halogen and not just normal cooking adapted as many books are.

The Halogen Cooking Made Easy: This is Part of the Halogen Made Simple Books

That is it is spiral bound and in full colour.  Both vital in a cookbook.  It is so hard to keep the pages open in many books without aid that it is great this one just stays open.  It is beautifully laid out with the ingredients on one side and the instructions on the other.

That the author was born in my old hometown.  OK, I admit not really any relevance to the recipes, but it was a nice to know the detail.  However, that he is a popular chef shows that his recipes are well liked.

The book includes deserts, starters, and mains.  The recipes included are all easy to prepare and also easy to cook.  Which is ideal if you are a beginner or in a hurry and want something quickly.

You need to read the start of the book to make sure you get the best out of the recipes.

What If You Already Have Normal Cook Books?

If you already have them you can use the cookbooks you already have and adjust the cooking times.  I have found that cooking things on fan settings works quite well most of the time.  However, I confess that my Victoria sponge was a disaster – twice!  It looked lovely until I went to cut it.  It was cooked on the outside – to perfection.  But the inside was raw; sigh.  Never mind, try again.  The fact that I bothered at all is a testament to my ovens brilliance.

You can get kindle downloads for cookbooks for as little as 99p and sometimes if you are lucky for free.

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