The Andrew James Compact Counter Top Ice Maker Machine

The new Andrew James slimline countertop ice maker machine is a great little machine that packs some punch.  It is one of the smallest models on the market which makes it easy to fit into even the smaller kitchen or caravan kitchenette.  Yet even though is is much smaller than many of the other machines it still creates up to 15kg of ice in as little as 24 hours. It is elegant and easy to use and comes in both silver and red.

It requires no plumbing so is portable and easy to store.  This machine is fantastic for home use. However, due to its small size is also makes a perfect portable ice maker for caravans or other away from home activities.

With its environmentally designed compressor, it is also more environmentally friendly than many other models.

  • Ease of Use ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Cleaning ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Ice options ♥♥♥♥
  • Noise ♥♥♥♥
  • Overall Rating ♥♥♥♥

About the Ice Maker Machine

  • The size of this machine is (cm): 33.0L x 24.0W x 35.0H
  • Machine weight 9.36kg
  • Colours red and silver
  • The Ice Making Capacity of this ice maker is 15kg in 24 hours
  • Speed of Ice Making 20 minutes
  • Environmentally designed compressor

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How Noisy is this Machine?

There is some noise, however, overall it is quite quiet.

Is Plumbing Needed?

No plumbing is needed for the Andrew James counter top ice maker. This makes the machine portable and easy to store.

Is there a bucket to lift out the Ice?

Yes, you can lift out the ice bucket if needed.

What is the Water Capacity?

The water capacity is 2.4L and this makes 700g of ice.

Where is the Water Drainage?

The is a water drainage cap at the front of the machine where you can empty it for storage or cleaning.

Does the Ice Maker Machine Keep the Ice Frozen or do you have to Empty it into a Freezer?

Although the ice stays hard for a short time it is best to place it in your freezer if you need to store it for any length of time.

About the Ice Made by this Machine

What are the Ice Options?

There are 2 sizes of ice cubes for this machine, small and large.

What is the speed of ice production?

You get your first ice in just 20 minutes.

What Types of Ice are Produced?

Small bullet shaped ice cubes are made by this machine. The small ice cubes are about 0.86cm (3/4″) and the large ice cubes are 2.54 cm or 1″ or slightly larger.  They have hollow centers due to being made with prongs.

Are There Any Extras?

A Free ice scoop is included with the machine.

How Easy is the Andrew James Ice Maker to Use?

It is very easy to use.  Simply pop in the water.  Use the automatic soft electronic digital display to select your ice size and then start. The ice will then be made and then drop down into the basket then more ice will be made etc.

How Easy is the Machine to Clean?

This ice making machine is very easy to clean.  All you do is lift out the bucket.  You can then clean the inside with a diluted detergent and a cloth.  The handbook gives full and clear care instructions.

A Quick Video Overview of the Andrew James Ice Maker

The video shows just how easy it is to use this machine.  It shows how to add water to the machine, a view of the ice and how easy it is to use the control panel.

Is this a Good Value for Money Counter Top Ice Maker Machine?

This slimline ice maker is fantastic for counter tops and is a great little machine for the money.  It produces the same amount of ice as the larger models in a similar time frame without taking up as much space on your counter tops.

It is easy to use and to clean as well.

Due to its small size, it makes for a great portable ice maker in addition to a home one.

It does keep the ice as ice for a time.  However, the ice will need to be frozen.  Some people have commented that is it noisy, however, we have not found that it sounds that loud. Some noise is inevitable with any machine.

All in all, a good quality counter top ice maker machine that does what it says.
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